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What is Transcranial Magnetic Therapy (TMS)?

These slides and side dialogue will walk you through an exciting option to treat mental health nonpharmacologically.

TMS has been in combination of research and treatment since the 1980's.  It has evolved from a treatment for Major Depressive disorder to treat numerous conditions

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At Village Psychiatry we offer treatment with Patented H-Coil Technology which specifically targets cortical regions for the treatment of Depression, OCD, and Anxious Depression.  In the coming months we will begin offering our 4th treatment option which is for Smoking Addiction

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How effective is TMS?  In a clinical trial involving over 695 patients with depression, 78% of patients responded to treatment and close to 50% of those treated reached remission of their depressive symptoms

There are many types of treatment for mental health.  As technology expands we now can use novel treatments like TMS when other modalities don't work or in combination to potentially boost the response with any one treatment!

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Click on the video to the right to learn more on how TMS can help!

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